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Neon Music Country Legacy

Welcome to CROSS 104!

Cross 104 broadcasts an incredible mix of Christian and Inspirational music from multiple genres! We play everything from Bluegrass, Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Christian Rock and Gospel Blues! Whether its an old classic, or a new head-bangin' favorite, we guarantee you will feel uplifted and inspired. This station is quickly becoming a favorite of our listeners!

Are you an Indie Christian Artist? SEND US YOUR CD FOR CONSIDERATION!  (BillandKatRadio, 3055 Sovereign Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45251 USA)  We are known for our support of new and Indie artists and are proud to showcase amazing talent. Click Contact Us  and tell us about yourself, or FIND US on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  All of our stations broadcast from our web site, TuneIn, iTunes and through their Facebook pages, so your fans can easily access your music.

"The Gospel Blues Hour" broadcasts every Sunday morning at 8am EDT on BOTH STATIONS - ROOTS 102 & CROSS 104, and several more replays happen throughout the week. This show, hosted by Brother Bill, is internationally syndicated, playing both on internet stations and a few FM stations around the world. Our 'Legal Stuff' says, If you've come here lookin' for any of that "Come lay your head on the shoulder of 'perfect-hair Jesus' music, you are in the wrong place! If you want wailin' strats, screamin' Les Pauls' and some down-home acoustics, we can help you with that." Tune in and get "Bluesified & Sanctified"!! Click on the schedules for playtimes.

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 comedy 200

Cross 104 is home to the CLEAN COMEDY HOUR featuring hilarious comedians from around the world! Guaranteed to make you  smile twice a day 'on the 8's' (8am and 8pm,EDT) Monday through Friday!


Pastor Cedrick 200 "Can I Change Your Mind?" is a devotional podcast featuring the teaching of Pastor Cedric Barnett, founding director of WJIC   Media Ministries of Prattville, AL. The podcast is based on Romans 12:2, which advises us not to be conformed to the world's   standards, but to be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our minds with God's Word. In his trademark humorous, irreverent, but   Biblically-sound manner, "Pastor Ced" guides us through the transformation process by challenging long-held traditional religious   norms, and using the Word of God to challenge us to think anew about what God's Word actually says, and prepare to act upon what   we discover. Tune in EVERY WEEK Tuesdays at 9am (EST) and Fridays at 10pm (EST).

  Pastor Cedric is currently on a mission hiatus. We hope to have new shows in January, 2019.



Halfpint 200Half-Pint Heaven at 7 is a great show for the kids! We have Yancy, VeggieTales, and tons more fun for your family to enjoy together -

Mondays through Fridays each week at 7pm (EST).


Gerry Calliouet          Catch Gerry Calliouet and his show, God's Great Outdoors, on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 9pm (EDT)     






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