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Welcome to CROSS 104!

Cross 104 broadcasts an incredible mix of Christian and Inspirational music from multiple genres! We play everything from Bluegrass, Gospel, Christian Rock and even Christian Blues! Whether its an old classic, or a new head-bangin' favorite, we guarantee you will feel uplifted and inspired. This station is quickly becoming a favorite of our listeners!

Are you an Indie Christian Artist? SEND US YOUR CD FOR CONSIDERATION!  (BillandKatRadio, 3055 Sovereign Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45251 USA)  We are known for our support of new and Indie artists and are proud to showcase amazing talent. Click Contact Us  and tell us about yourself! All of our stations broadcast from our web site and TuneIn, so your fans can easily listen to your music.


"The Gospel Blues Hour" broadcasts every Sunday morning at 8am EDT on BOTH STATIONS - ROOTS 102 & CROSS 104! with several more replays throughout each week. Click on the schedules for playtimes.

Check out our Featured Artists page to learn more about these fantastic bands and purchase their CDs today!

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